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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to buy?

We are nearing the final stages of preparation for our Genesis Drop and will be providing more information soon how to buy our NFTS. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow our socials to keep up to date.

2. What is special about Atogail Forest NFTs?

Our Forests are based on core units: an individual and unique ecosystem of approximately one hectare. 1,000 identical NFTs are minted per Forest.

  • At the base layer of the NFT is funding for native species reforestation together with local landowners and the production certified carbon credits as generated by the forest.
  • Next, is the middle layer of unique attributes representing the ‘personality’ of the land. This can include wildlife recovery, megalithic ruin and historical protection, local folklore, and first-nations recognition content.
  • The top layer is all about art. We commission local artists to create unique visual art for each series, along with contributions from other creators, such as local poets, Seanchaí (traditional Irish storytellers), or exclusive original music videos.

3. How are the carbon credits generated?

Approximately 4-5 years after planting the forest ecosystem and the saplings are growing, a 3rd party environmental audit company will begin periodically visiting the site to assess the incremental forest growth and certify new batches of certified carbon offsets.
Upon receipt of the certified carbon offset certificates from the auditor, Atogail Forests will tokenise the offsets for further deployment and utility.

4. What is the value of carbon credits?

Atogail Forests carbon offsets are classified as High Quality Voluntary Carbon Offsets. The current price of offsets in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) ranges (low quality to high quality) between EUR 6 - 900 per tonne of CO2. According to a report by McKinsey the demand for Voluntary Carbon Market offsets is expected to increase 15x by 2030 and 100x by 2050.

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