Atogail Forests

Culture X Art X Forest Restoration X Carbon Offset Generation
Real World Social Carbon Offset NFT Collections

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Coming Soon

Our Genesis

NFT Holders are supporting artists, protecting culture and restoring native forests which results in carbon reduction.

Ancient Tree Series



300-600 tCO2 per Forest

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Our NFTs

NFT Layers

Layer 1 - Unique Art & Culture

The top layer is about creativity, expression and collecting. We comissioned talented local artists to create unique visual art for each series, along with contributions from other top creators, such as poets, Seanchaí (traditional Irish storytellers), or exclusive original music videos

Layer 2 - Rich Content & Gamification

The middle layer represents the ‘personality’ of the land. This layer can contain attributes such as wildlife restoration, megalithic ruin and historical protection, first-nations recognition, and local tales and supernatural folklore. This layer is well-suited and prepared for gamification scenarios.

Layer 3 - Native Forest Restoration

At the base layer is forestation and carbon offsets. Local landowners receive a portion of the NFT sale proceeds and work with us to plant native species trees in an old forest configuration, returning the land to its original state. As the forest grows, high quality carbon credits are generated for the community.

Additional rarities, special rewards, exclusive access and incentive programs will be in play for NFT holders


Protecting Landowners and the Community


Defining a New Category of High-Quality Offsets


The Power of the Atogail Forest NFT

An Introduction

Who We Are

Atogail Forests is an impact-driven, socially focused team of experts that has created a global launchpad to promote local artists and culture while protecting heritage natural habitats, restoring biodiversity, reducing carbon and reconnecting humanity. We have designed the world’s first Ecosystem-based, High-quality Social Carbon Offset NFT Collection.

Atogail Forests Team

Meet The Team

We are an impact-driven, social enterprise that rebuilds natural habitats to restore biodiversity reduce carbon and reconnect humanity.

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